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I started working on business management assignments, essays and dissertations during my MBA in 2009. I got a start when my roommate, who was also my senior wanted to complete his dissertation project and could not do for various reasons. Firstly he was working part-time and secondly a dissertation project is a major work requiring a lot of reading, studying, analysis and writing. With that start, more students approached me with their small assignments and longer dissertations. Thus I started working as an assignment writer for my MBA colleagues.

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I got this idea of setting up a website, advertising my services and at that time there were only a small number of such services available through the web. In fact when I started and set up my website, it was ranking first for several years even without doing any search engine optimisation and other techniques to come in the first page of Google. Those were the times when there was limited competition in Google. However it was also helpful that not many individuals and companies were offering these services at the time and even if they were doing, they did not have their websites. It is only in the past few years that a number of companies have come up setting up their websites.

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From the start I have followed a unique business model of dividing the risk between me and the student. Once I agree to take the work, a payment is done by the student (half of the agreed price), whereupon I start the work and complete it in the agreed timeframe. 80% of the work is sent to the student for review. This can be reviewed with the tutor and any changes, modifications and corrections can be done. When the student makes the balance half payment of the agreed price making it full payment; I send the completed work with any modifications and changes.

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Assignment writers uk

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