Remote management

There is a shifting pattern of work with more number of teleworkers, telecommuters, homeworkers, home-based workers, virtual teams and so on around the world. Employees are now able to work from their homes, at their convenience and with flexible working options. However management of these people who work remotely is often a difficult idea and practice. Although employees are benefiting from telecommuting and flexible working conditions, often the management of people one cannot see is difficult. While for the managers this is difficult, it is also true that the workers working from their homes are also facing difficulty as they are not getting adequate supervision. Moreover this is an important element of enabling flexible working conditions for the employees.

Remote management of employees working from remote locations and providing flexibility to employees has not been a very widely discussed topic. Remote management would be an important system of working practice for many organisations in future and it is necessary for UK universities to include various elements of remote management into the curriculum. Certain assignments, dissertations and projects have been given out by universities in the United Kingdom in the area of remote management; however a majority of the UK universities have not stressed on the subject of remote management.

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