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For several years now I have been providing my expert services of writing assignments, dissertations and essays to students. I myself have gone through the student days and I completely understand the constraints of the students’ especially financial situation. I was also working part-time to support my studies. Considering my own background I do not insist on full payment for me to start writing essay or assignment. In many cases a big dissertation project takes about two months to complete as there would be several reviews and comments from the tutor and hence the changes in the assignments and essays. Even small business management assignments and essays would require about one or two week’s time.

It is based on these considerations that I have proposed a split payment method for getting dissertations and assignments. Once you send me the criteria for handbook of dissertation or assignment and we agree upon the price of dissertation, essay or coursework, you only have to make a half payment for me to start work on the essay. You can get an idea of the price for essay or dissertation from the main page of my website.

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Why half payment for assignment or essay

An initial payment is required as it is a confirmation that you are serious on getting the dissertation or coursework made from me. Without the half payment confirmation I cannot start writing the coursework or essay. Further without completing the full payment I cannot send the full assignment or coursework. However you do not need to take the risk of full payment before seeing the quality of the reports, essay, or assignment or dissertation. You can review the essay either by yourself or by the tutor and any changes and comments can be included at any stage. It is only after you’re satisfied with the report that you make the full payment for assignment.

Writing 3000 word assignment or essay

In the case of a 3000 word essay or assignment, I complete the work on the report and send you about 70 to 80% of the essay for review. You can get the assignment reviewed from your tutor and if there are any changes to be made you can convey them to me. I will make these changes in the essay and once you make the balance payment will send the completed assignment report. Even afterwards if you need any changes I will make these gladly, as the majority of the students who contact me for essay and dissertation writing is referrals from the satisfied students.

Getting a 15000 word dissertation research project

In the case of a 15,000 or 20,000 word of research report, dissertation or applied management project, there could be at least a month time before I can complete the full dissertation. In the case of most of the dissertations and essays in business management subjects, I have found that the tutors invariably make comments and changes to be done in the dissertation and at several stages. Initially you might have to submit the literature review, then the methodology, data analysis, results analysis, discussion and finally the conclusions and recommendations which are the major components of a dissertation. During each stage of the dissertation there could be comments and changes. Hence by making only half payment for confirmation of the dissertation, I start work on the literature review and other sections of the project.

Usually I send out the literature review for analysis and review and then the further parts (methodology, data analysis or results analysis and discussion) for further review. At each stage the comments and changes are included and the dissertation is modified as per the tutor’s requirements. Hence once the main body of the dissertation is completed and the tutor gives most of the comments, you can make the balance payment. Once the balance payment is received, I complete the dissertation and send the research project dissertation for final review. Once again I will make all the changes in the research project and dissertation as I expect you to refer me to future students who want to get dissertations and assignments.

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Price of dissertation and essays

Click on the above link for the cost of assignment or dissertation. Please note that the price of dissertation or essay is only indicative. Different universities have different criteria for coursework and assignment and the price for coursework depends on the University and the criteria. Hence please do send me the University criteria for dissertation or essay and I will get back to you with the price for the academic report through e-mail. You can either submit the details through my website.

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Or else you can send me the criteria of coursework, dissertation or essay through email or directly contact me through phone-07575796565