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It is not the first time that I get queries about the risk involved in paying an unknown person for assignment writing help. I receive similar queries day in and day out and I have standard answers to them.  Sometime ago I received an email from a student, who has become a regular customer of mine.

“’s my first time to order via online and how do i make sure you are doing my work as i heard lots of fake thing on the Internet. Sorry about that i don’t want to be rude but as it is my first time i am worried. I am waiting”

My work – essay writing help

Let me stress the nature of work I do. I am an independent person not connected with any company or organisation you usually see on the Internet offering help in assignment writing or essay writing. I work alone. I am a freelancer. I have tried working in organisations and trying to build up  a carrier. I have worked in a college as a part-time lecturer for some years teaching business management subjects just after my MBA. I enjoyed it for sometime, but during that period also I was helping students with their assignments and essays.

During this period my workload increased and I started getting more assignments, essays and dissertations from several students, mainly because I was providing them good help and services. I started to seriously think about quitting my part-time job and completely focus on my area as a writer and essay writing help to Business management students in the United Kingdom.

During this period I was also investing in equities and other financial instruments. This necessitated me to sit at home in front of the computer and the stock trading terminals to make money. Although it was risky, it was interesting as I did not have to report to a boss, answer to the customers and things like the ones you will be facing in your day-to-day jobs. I felt independent and free as I did not have to wake up every day at the same time go to work, do monotonous jobs come back in evening, sleep, again wake-up in the morning and hence follow a monotonous life. I am an avid traveller and during my spare time I travel a lot.

Now let me come back to the main subject. The risk involved in paying an unknown person is high. I quite understand that. That is the reason why I have instituted a system that is spreading the risk, I only need half the price as an advance. The payment is directly to my bank account, you can deposit in any branch or make an online transfer. I understand the risk in making a payment to an unknown person for similar service. It is for this specific reason that I have instituted the half before half after system/rule. You make an advance half payment as a confirmation and this payment is an indication to me that the student is serious. Then I stat work, complete it and send you 80 % of the completed report. You can review the report and suggest any changes / modifications. At the same time the balance payment is done. Accordingly I will do them and send the 100 % completed report to you. Hence the risk is minimised for both parties.

Further I am an independent individual, all the work is done by me. A majority of my students are repeat customers (satisfied with my work for them) or referrals (satisfied students referring other students to me). Hence for me it is absolutely necessary to develop trust with students and their satisfaction. I never promise high grades as I my system cannot generate highly rated reports. However I assure a solid pass and a majority of the students get good grades. More over I only work on business management subjects, which I have studied (MBA) and practiced (as a lecturer for several years) and still practicising. Hence do not worry.

Hence do not worry about paying me for essay writing help.

For those students, particularly in MBA and business management students who would like to know more about me and the work I do in helping with essay and assignment writing do visit my homepage –