I developed Assignment writing as my career and passion in my five years of experience in this field. I have been writing assignments for business management students of United Kingdom for the last five years. In the last five years I have come across around 1000 assignments of different varieties and types from different universities in the United Kingdom. Even now universities are coming up with new topics, creative ideas and concepts and I can safely say that the topics provided by universities five years ago have changed to new topics. There is no kind of repetition in the topics which makes this work creative and keeps my mind happy. During this period of time I have gained knowledge of new concepts, ideas and business related practices.

In the initial phase, I received most of the work from my friends and colleagues, it changed with the launch of my website – www.assignmentwriters.co.uk. The development of my website – www.assignmentwriters.co.uk, and its optimisation with keywords such as assignments, writing, services, United Kingdom, business management subject’s and similar, I started getting more work from a variety of students outside my friends circle.

I have always tried to provide good quality assignments and I have seen that the same quality of assignment given to different universities and different students getting a different range of marks and grades for them. This is an indication that the universities and tours are having different expectations and standards and grading of assignments, essays and dissertations are not standardised. Hence there cannot be a quantitative comparison of the grades gained by the students from UK universities. The grades are based on a qualitative assessment of the assignments and tutors, particularly considering the expectations of the supervisors marking these assignments. There is again differential expectations about the students and this expectations would again be based on the ability of the students to provide the required quality of topic, and depth of analysis in the assignment. I have seen that students participation in the classroom debates, discussions and case studies and hence seen as participating in the subject is gaining more marks. I have done a study on the subject: and have found that tutor perception about the students increases with the participation. Myself being a student of a UK university in the past for my masters in business management program, fortifies this viewpoint. Hence getting good grades in an assignment request in in-class participation.

At some other points I have found that pupils are not expecting higher grades and high-quality material from the students and when they are provided such great high quality materials, often outsourced work, they get suspicious and ask so many questions to the students. I have also come across a situation where when I had given my help in an assignment for a student, the student did not make an effort to to understand the material and the tutor got suspicious.

The supervisors and tutors understand that students are cheating and buying assignments from third parties. However in my case I merely help the students, particularly those students who might not have enough time in their disposal or are weak in writing assignments in English language. The majority of the students who come to me are international students who have difficulty in creating assignments in English language, particularly when English is not one of the native languages or even taught to them in school.

Overall the past five years have been an enriching experience for me and I’m grateful that I have taken up this area of activity rather than going for a job. I now feel grateful to all those companies to be to which I have applied and which have not provided me an opportunity to work for them. Such kind of an opportunity would be a disastrous situation considering the current level of peace of mind I have and the happiness I enjoy in my life.