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I am a freelance dissertation and assignment writer, with a Master’s degree in Business Management, working on a doctorate programme (Ph.D. in management). For last three years, I have been working for MBA and Business Management students in the UK, providing customised academic essay writing services. I conduct research and write academic essays, dissertations, assignments, coursework and reports in business management subjects.

Although I started working on the business management assignments for university and college students, many students doing their GCSE programmes have approached me for their GCSC coursework assignments.

Most of the GCSE coursework assignments are 3000 words or less. However this course works and assignments for GCSE students are as complicated and involve detailed research on different subjects.

If any GCSE students would like to make their GCSE coursework and assignments, please do contact me at 00447575796565. You can also e-mail me the coursework details at info@assignmentwriters.com.

The price for GCSE coursework and assignments is indicated in the main webpage.

How I work to give you a customised essay?

[stextbox id=”info”]Get a customised academic essay, dissertation, assignment or coursework by paying half amount as confirmation and half after you receive and review 80 % of essay, dissertation, assignment or coursework[/stextbox]

  1. E-mail (info@assignmentwriters.com) or submit the handbook of dissertation, essay, coursework or assignment
  2. I offer the price for essay, dissertation, assignment and delivery dates (indicative prices / time schedule given below)
  3. Confirm dissertation, essay, assignment, by making ONLY HALF PAYMENT
  4. I email you 80% of Dissertation, essay, assignment for your or tutors verification and review
  5. Send me the changes, comments, modifications for Dissertation, essay, assignment, coursework
  6. Make the balance half payment and get full essay, dissertation, assignment or coursework with changes done

[stextbox id=”info”]Review the academic essay, dissertation, assignment by yourself or your tutor before making full payment. [/stextbox]


Indicative Prices and delivery date of Report

Essay Word count No of Pages Get your essay in Price of report Half Payment Confirmation for report
2000 Words 8 Pages 1 Week £ 70.00 £ 35.00
2500 Words 10 Pages 2 Weeks £ 80.00 £ 40.00
3000 Words 12 Pages 2 Weeks £ 90.00 £ 45.00
5000 Words 18 Pages 3 Weeks £ 160.00 £ 80.00
6000 Words 22 Pages 4 Weeks £ 220.00 £ 110.00
8000 Words 28 Pages 4 Weeks £ 320.00 £ 160.00
10000 Words 32 Pages 6 Weeks £ 440.00 £ 220.00
12000 Words 40 Pages 6 Weeks £ 520.00 £ 260.00
15000 Words 50 Pages 8 Weeks £ 630.00 £ 315.00