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Let me explain to you how I started working as an assignment and dissertation writer for business management subjects. I came to the United Kingdom a few years ago to do my Masters in International business. At that time I was also confused about referencing and plagiarism as any other international student. During that period I got help from my colleagues who were senior to me and my tutors in doing my initial assignments in business management subjects. As opposed to many of my colleague students from international locations, I was more concerned with studies rather than part-time work.

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During the university days I started giving free help to my friends and colleagues in doing their assignments and coursework. It was during period that I got the idea of developing a website and monetise my skills and capabilities in writing business management assignments. One of my close friends designed a website for me (which was different from the present one). Soon I started getting rewards as many of my colleagues approached me for doing their “applied management project” the final dissertation project for the University. I successfully wrote several AMP projects in different subjects for my colleagues and was rewarded handsomely.

Freelance writer providing essay and dissertation writing services

That was the start of my career as a dissertation and essay writer. I soon completely focused myself on researching and writing assignments, dissertations, coursework and essays for business management subjects. Most of the work came through referrals, students for whom I did the assignments and dissertations, although a minority came through the website. At that time I did not focus too much on the website as I was getting more work than I could handle as I was working part-time as well. Sometimes I used the help of some of my colleagues who were having better knowledge on specific subjects such as finance and data analysis in doing the assignments and essays. However most of the time I myself do all the essays and dissertations as it not only provides the handsome financial rewards but also improves my own knowledge.

For some time after my graduation I worked as a tutor in a small college in London. However I found that working as a dissertation and essay writer was far better as I could utilise my time more efficiently. I was able to take many holidays and travelled far and wide all the while doing dissertations and essays for the students. It was during that period that I started working on a doctoral programme in business management. Since I was completely focused on academic essays, assignments and dissertations, I got to read a lot of articles, journals and textbooks which provided me the background and base for working on the doctoral programme. I’m still continuing the programme and balance my days with a lot of essays, dissertations and assignments for students from several universities and of course my own reports for the PhD programme.


That was a brief description of me and how I came to provide dissertations and essay writing services of UK university students. The main page of this website ( provides the details such as the price for essays and the timeframe in which I can provide the assignments you. You can contact me either directly through e-mail or through phone 07575796565. If you have any friends or colleagues who want to get their assignments, essays, dissertation or coursework written in business management subjects please do refer me.