How am I different from other assignment writing service providers on the net?

The main difference between my services and the others are that I work as a freelancer directly with the students. I’m not a middleman between the student and the writer. I am the service provider and assignment writer, unlike almost all the service providers found on the Internet. I only work on business and management subjects. Based on a thorough search it seems that I am the only freelance individual assignment writing service provider on the Internet with a long-standing website and consequently services. You can search the longevity of the website from the Internet and you can see mine has been around for seven years. A further check would show that almost all the other websites are companies that take the work and outsource to writers. Moreover all these companies take all sorts of assignments from students starting from psychology to sociology. I’m not sure how do they manage to find writers for all these subjects and how are they able to ensure quality.

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In my case, I only take business and management subjects such as marketing, human resources, strategy, operations management, information systems, e-business and so on. The number of subjects taught in the MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and other business management courses in universities are wide and varied. I’m able to take almost all the subjects in business and management, but I do have certain restrictions, especially when it comes to Finance assignments. I have certain strong areas especially marketing, human resources, strategy, operations management and I mostly concentrate on these subjects. In the case of the other assignment or essay service providers found commonly on the Internet, you can order any kind of assignment, but with me, you have to send the details of the assignment; I check whether I can do it and then give you the price for it. I have only given the indicative prices for the assignment and there is no guarantee that I can take all kind of work even if it is under business and management.

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Due to this focus and since it has been explained thoroughly own website, many students come to me expecting customised service and I provide to them their expected level of service. Any student requiring assignments, essays or dissertations for business and management subjects, please feel free to contact me. I prefer e-mail as the main medium of contact as it provides flexibility. My e-mail is

Assignment writing service

Assignment writing service

Any student requiring help in assignments or dissertations on the topic of Digital Business Management e-business can contact me at  You can also have a look at the way I work with the students on my home page –