Davos World Economic Forum business Summit 2014 on inequality

In the recently concluded world economic Forum meet at Davos, a large number of heads of state, Chief Executive officer’s and business leaders met to analyse the theme of inequality. Several issues were discussed at Davos and they have implications on the rising inequality around the world. This is one excellent topic to be studied in detail as most of the business summits around the globe focus on improving business climate and neglect the difficult situations faced by common people around the world due to increasing inequality. Assignments, dissertations and essays on inequality due to the operations of business organisations have been limited from my previous experience. Not many universities in the United Kingdom give out the topic of inequality is emanating from the operations of business organisations. Although ethics, corporate social responsibility and moral elements of doing business are often gets assignments, dissertations and essays, inequality has not been an important study area in the curriculum of UK universities.

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