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Students in business management courses such as MBA programs and even diploma had to work on their essays and assignments under different subjects. The subjects can range from marketing, international business, business strategy, corporate social responsibility, organisational behaviour, leadership, innovation, change management, and conflict management, human resources management, employee diversity, project management, advertising, managerial decision-making and so on. There is in fact no end to the subjects and the topics given by universities and tutors for business management students for their essays and assignments. A point to note is the need for relevant theory and framework when writing assignments and also the incorporation of practical factors or examples from existing businesses or even made up businesses to go along with the theory. Taking an example, with the topic of change management, essays and assignments have to be based on the models of change management and some examples of organisations that have implemented a change management program with their successes and failures. The changes that have happened in IBM can be an example, which can be analysed with the help of the models of change management.

Many academic essays and assignments require certain standardised tools of analysis such as PESTEL, swot, Porter’s five forces and so on and most of these tools will come in strategic management assignments or business strategy assignments. Another clear example is the need to use a range of leadership theories and in such essays and assignments, a particular leader such as Steve jobs and the leadership style can be analysed with the help of several theories of leadership such as transformational theory, transactional theory etc.

The importance of essays and assignments given by tutors from universities for business management students is to understand how well the students have understood and are able to apply the theoretical models to practical situations. In many cases it is quite possible that the students do not have enough data to do a complete analysis and most of the students would need to depend on secondary data sources available from a range of websites to connect the theory with practical examples. Furthermore tutors often give out specific information of the studies and even students can select their own organisations to base these essays and assignments. Tutors also implore the students to take more personal examples especially examples from organisations in which they have worked and this would be providing a much better basis of analysis using the theory.

However majority of the students do not have such work experience and even in the initial phases of the studies, they struggle to connect the theory with practice. It is in this juncture that I tried to help the students in writing their business management essays and assignments for the students. I can help the students in writing essays and assignments on a range of topics and can even develop certain specialised examples of imaginary or actual companies to implement the theoretical models. I have worked with business management students, mostly from MBA courses for the past six years after completing my own MBA and going through an initial doctorate programmes. My experience has improved my skills in writing business management essays and assignments for students and my practical experience has only increased with the number of essays and assignments that I have written for students.

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I also provide consultation and help services for other subjects. If you are in need of any such help for your assignments, essays, and dissertations, please contact me for more information