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If one were to look at the net and the number of websites, you would be amazed to find hundreds of Assignment, essay, dissertation writing services. My analysis indicates that most of these websites are purely shopfronts for a few companies. These companies outsource their work to third-party writers have set up websites with different domain names to attract students. The objective is to counter competition and gain competitive advantage. The strategy is to multiply the visibility in the Internet platform with more number of shopfronts.

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Why there are hundreds of assignment writing services on the net?

Imagine the case of a franchising model in the real world. In order to reach the customers, organisations have to set up shops and distribute their products to different parts of the city, country and world. Hence they set up offices, shops and sites to access their customers. The same is the case with Internet. In the case of the expert writing/outsourcing service industry, companies have set up websites with different domain names as customers could be searching for the services with different search terms. One student would be searching for business management essay, whereas others would be searching for cheap essay writing service. With Google’s policy, it is not possible to have a large number of keywords or terms for a single website and hence companies have circumvented this by introducing numerous websites with different domain names and different focus keywords. Essentially I believe there is only a few number of assignment writing services but having multiple shopfronts on the Internet to attract the largest number of customers. This is clearly evident from the pricing model as most of them have very similar prices, delivery rates and offered services.

Pay only 50% to start with assignment - cheap assignment writing help in UK

Pay only 50% to start with assignment – cheap assignment writing help in UK

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