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Writing assignments at the Masters level requires adequate planning and structuring. This is required for providing the reader all required information about the message the writer intends to convey. Planning and structuring the assignment gives rise to logical shape and guidance from the range of resources and hence indicates to the reader a conclusive nature of the idea and processes of the research. Writing assignments, thesis, coursework, essays and dissertations can be a long process. For UK university students writing assignments is based on a topic, mostly decided by the university and in the case of dissertations, the topic is usually chosen by the students. Even with the tropics chosen by the universities, the students has to express the ideas and thought processes since it is an exploration of what has been found, the method of exploration, how it was found, the basic discoveries made about the topic and finally the conclusions about the topic generated from the alias.

In dissertations, even though there is extensive research, the journey of combining the ideas and thoughts would be completely different from a small assignment. Research on thesis and dissertation’s takes different routes and journeys and the same topic can be in several expressed in different ways by the writers. Hence the same topic can be used by different students to reach different type of conclusions and understandings.

However in many cases of small assignments the research process only come to an integrated point only after several drafts. First of all there is a draft of different reading and research materials on a selective basis. The first part of writing assignments, thesis or a dissertation is the development of a general shape to provide a clear roadmap for the final assignment or the dissertation. Since writing an assignment or a dissertation is a constant redrafting process, ensuring the relevance and contribution of different varieties of  materials to reach the final destination is required.

For every assignment or a dissertation, it is necessary to start the work at an early stage, planning for the different research process to be undertaken especially in a dissertation. In the case of an assignment, the planning and redrafting of the report sometimes comes before it comes to the complete structure. The initial draft will be on an ad hoc basis and to get to the final portion were the ideas of individual are adequately, it is necessary to plan adequately. Here is where assignment writing help is required by UK university students especially at Masters level.

A focused approach is required based on evidence to complete an assignment or a dissertation. Not many first assignments written by students are the best by them. Every student requires practice and assignment writing help to integrate the source of information and these sources of information has to be right. In the initial phase, the researchers would find it difficult to incorporate different ideals into the limited word count specified by the university. One reason for specifying the word goal is to make sure that the student is able to convey the information within the limited word count. All available source of works written by others has to be included in the research; however one should take adequate care to ensure that the materials are relevant and hence no wastage of words.

Myself having an experience of about six years in writing assignments, essays, dissertations and coursework for business management students in the universities in the United Kingdom have developed a system over a long period of time. I now have the method of writing assignments and providing assignment writing help to students in the assignments. I have a clearly designed course of writing assignment where I do not have a large number of drafting and redrafting the assignments. First of all I have limited time and most importantly I only concentrate on one assignment at a time. Since I’m able to concentrate on one specific topic for a longer period of time which ensures the students are able to get a good quality assignment writing help. When the student requires help in assignments, they approach me with the topic. After confirmation by making a payment, I start work on the report. I get all research material that are available and use technology to ensure that these lose materials are adequately covered in the assignment. Unlike students, I use technology to ensure my efficiency and effectiveness. I normally work on two computers at the same time; one is used to constantly research and bring up material from various sources and the other is used to make the report and then redraft the assignment to the final integrated version. Being a full-time assignment writer for the UK university students, I am able identify and develop the process of giving assignment writing help for the students.

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